Xiamen Jinbilebo cake celebrates Mid Autumn Festival corporate culture is more and more

2019-09-21 13:46:27

On September 12, 2019, in order to promote traditional culture and strengthen corporate culture, our company held the annual Mid-Autumn Festival cake activity. According to legend, the Mid-Autumn Festival cake was invented in order to ease the thoughts of the soldiers. From generation to generation, it has become a folk custom in southern Fujian. In ancient times, Zheng successfully motivated the morale of the people. Today, Xiamen Jinbile strengthens the team cohesion.

In this event, in order to give everyone the passion, the company prepared a lot of gifts, not only the sweet and delicious big grapefruit prepared by Yang, which is just a show, and the tea cup is more Let the employees look forward to seeing, the champion is the cash reward provided by the company, and the lucky one of the day is the quality guarantee of our company, and his serious guarantee of the quality of our company's products, so the champion is also justified.

In the rounds of fierce blogs, although everyone seems to be their own camp, but they also hope that other partners can get today's champion, it is really enviable, and even eager to play in person. When the blog cake came to an end, everyone's harvest was fruitful, and the mood was even more smiling. Although there is only one champion, everyone feels very satisfied, so today everyone is the champion. Everyone's eyes are more about the future of the company, and they have taken up the joy and brought this power to the work of the next day.

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